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Looking for a cattery where you can buy a kitten or adult cat? Search through our cat breeders directory.

Our listing contains 3638 cat breeders from 68 countries who specialize in 64 cat breeds. You can find them in our cat breeders directory and get complete information including cat breeder location and contact info, cattery website URL, photos of cats, used bloodlines etc.

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Choose the breed you like for complete list of catteries, specializing in this breed.

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Choose the location to find catteries near you and get cat breeders list.

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Pick the first letter of the cattery name and get a complete list of catteries which registered names start from that letter.

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Pick the first letter of the cat breeder's last name and get a complete list of cat breeders who's last name start with that letter.

Cat breeders Power Search
By entering a combination of information in different search criteria's like: Cat Breeder Name, Cattery Name, Breed, Shipping Info and Cattery Location, you get the most complete and precise results to your query.

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Looking for kittens and adult cats for sale or for adoption? Search through Cat Classifieds!

Free Cat Classifieds
Most of classifieds are posted by registered cat breeders. You can search through cat classified ads under categories:"For Sale", "For Adoption", "Wanted".

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