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12 catteries found
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1. Cattery: Q.T Kitty
Breeder: Tracy Kane | Country: United States of America
Breeds: Cornish Rex,

2. Cattery: QonoS
Breeder: Claudia Rohner | Country: Switzerland
Breeds: Bengal,

3. Cattery: QPea
Breeder: Cynthia Tolken | Country: South Africa
Breeds: Persian,

4. Cattery: QT.Kitty
Breeder: Tracy Kane | Country: United States of America
Breeds: Sphynx,

5. Cattery: Quails Nest
Breeder: Barbara Morrow | Country: United States of America
Breeds: Cornish Rex,

6. Cattery: quakencats
Breeder: kathy smith | Country: United States of America
Breeds: Maine Coon, Singapura, Sphynx,

7. Cattery: Quanmarra
Breeder: Erin Brown & Penny Dunkley | Country: Australia
Breeds: Oriental Shorthair, Siamese,

8. Cattery: Quarterbacks Devon Rex
Breeder: Yvonne Hendelberg | Country: Sweden
Breeds: Devon Rex,

9. Cattery: Quatre Vents
Breeder: Denis & Micheline Lessard | Country: Canada
Breeds: Colorpoint Shorthair,

10. Cattery: Quilts N Queens
Breeder: Dawn Lovell | Country: United States of America
Breeds: Maine Coon,

11. Cattery: Quincunx
Breeder: Anthony Nichols | Country: United Kingdom
Breeds: Devon Rex, LaPerm, Singapura,

12. Cattery: Qurly Que Cattery
Breeder: Tracey Waugh | Country: United States of America
Breeds: Himalayan, Selkirk Rex,

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